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Stroj na výrobu jogurtov WAJ1

Yoghurt maker is designed on the basis popular steam boiling chamber series and it is facility with electric heating and cooling unit, controlled by adjustable time and temperature inside the chamber. Yoghurt maker is designed for fermentation of lactic cultures in the glass jars which are settled on the charging cart.

Yoghurt maker consist of two main parts, from fermentation/cooling chamber and changing cart with draw-out plates.

Facility is suitable for making of farmer’s yoghurts. Working cycle consist in warming up of yoghurt in glass jars and holding the temperature for set time. After this period, the colling down of the chamber is started. The big advantago of this facility is, that yoghurts are not moved after the fermentation and are immediately cooled. This brings better quality of yoghurt.

Technical parameters


Code WAJ1
Name Stroj na výrobu jogurtov WAJ1/Yogurt Making Machine WAJ1
Model WAJ
Description Value
Dimensions: width x depth (incl. engaged cart) x high 1100mm x 1220mm x 1500mm
Cart dimensions: width x depth x high 785mm x 850mm x 1500mm
Dimensions of supporting plate 650 x 530 x 20 mm
Total supporting area 6 x 0,34 m2 = 2 m2
Working temperature variable from 10 to 60 °C
Voltage 1N~ 230 V 50 Hz
Electrical input 3 kW
Working cycle duration variable from 1 minute to 99 hours 99 minutes
Total weight 310 kg


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