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Parná varná komora WAPK2

Steam boiling coocking is member of chambers and it is pressure free boiling device with connection to the existing steam distribution, controlled with adjustable time and temperature inside the chamber.

The chamber is designated for heat processing of food products, especially all types of dumplings made from proofed dough, for potato, rice, meat and meat products boiling, for sterilization and for food defrosting.

It is suitable for central manufactory of community feeding, canteens, eating places as weel as for restaurants. By the implementation of the steam boiling technology the productivity will increase compare to the water cookers, you will also save electrical energy and water. This chamber also contribute to the better working conditions and safety at work. It is primarily due to temperature reduction on the workplace, excessive steaming from water cookers reduction and the savings of the workplace. The quality of boiled food is also considerably improved by the boiling in the steam chamber.

Technical parameters


Kód/Code WAPK2
Názov/Name Parná varná komora WAPK2/Steam Cooking Chamber WAPK2
Model WAPK
Description Value
Dimensions: width x depth (incl. engaged cart) x high 1100mm x 950mm x 1500mm
Cart dimensions: width x depth x high 785mm x 850mm x 1500mm
Dimensions of supporting plate 650 x 530 x 20 (or 40) mm
Total supporting area 6 x 0,34 m2 = 2 m2
Working temperature variable from 60 °C to 95 °C
Boiling output for bread dumplings (4 slices / 1 helping) 480 helpings per hour
Voltage 1N~ 230 V 50 Hz
Electrical input 100 W
Working cycle duration variable from 1 minute to 99 hours 99 minutes
Steam inlet G 1/2″
Steam drain – neck diameter 32 mm
Total weight 290 kg

Orientation duration of boiling of some foods

Food Orientation duration of boiling
bread doumplings 25 – 35 minutes
filled fruits doumplings 8 – 15 minutes
potato doumplings 25 – 35 minutes
filled potato doumplings 20 – 25 minutes
pork and beef meat 60 minutes
vegetable 10 minutes
vegetable dish 20 minutes
potato 20 minutes
warming-up of frankfurters 20 minutes
warming-up of dish – single  helping packing 12 minutes


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