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Soľný injektor WSI

Mechanism Saline Injector WSI is designed full 304 stainless steel with the function to adjust the stepping speed and stroke as per the specific product and process requirements, so as to evenly inject the saline and the pickle agent into the meat slices and bone-borne meat, giving a shorter pickling period.
The injector offers a wide 385mm product belt with 72 needles which can inject simultaneously and the injection pressure is adjustable as necessary for the most demanding applications on pork, beef, fish or poultry. It also features the exclusively designed external brine path and „multi-point“ needle manifold entry system allow for the fastest, most effective and exact brine delivery available to your product. External brine path and pump permit you to access the entire system in minutes giving you the piece of mind needed with regards to food safety.

Kód/Code WSI
Názov/Name Soľný injektor WSI/Saline Injector WSI
Model Capacity (tons/h) Power (KW) InjectionPressure (Mpa) Stroke (mm) Emulsification Tank Volume (L) Weight (Kg)
0.5-1 7.2 0.45-1.18 120 135 630
Injection Speed (Times/Min) Needle Quantity Step Space Injection Rate (%) Agitating TankVolume (L) Dimensions of the Master Body (mm)
16/24 72 10-80 60-80 110 1800*1650*1800


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