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Vákuový mixér na mäso WVMM

Machanism Meat Vacuum Mixer WVMM is designed full 304 stainless steel built with two shafts for mixing, with its specialty switching between clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation, the meat mixing speed and effect produced can be greatly improved. The vacuum level is adjustable to your option, making a more evenly-distributed raw material for better product quality. The air trapped in the materials during its front-end production processes can be sucked out, and an oxygen-free disinfection can be made to the materials, producing a superior looking of the meat under processing, and consequently the shelf lie of your products can be extended. Its made by stainless steel greatly facilitates your cleaning operation. The specialty pneumatics built-in can automatically open and close the cover and the discharger cover.

Kód/Code WVMM
Názov/Name Vákuový mixér na mäso WVMM/Meat Vacuum Mixer WVMM
Model Capacity (Kg/Time) Tank Volume (L) Power (KW) Mixing Speed (r/min) Vacuum Level (Mpa)

Rated Voltage (V) Dimensions (mm)
120 150 2.95 56 0~ – 0.085 380 1400*1100*1300
280 300 5.15 63 0~ – 0.085 380 1400*1250*1400
420 600 7.85 50 0~ – 0.085 380 2080*1920*1620
900 1200 12.85 50 0~ – 0.085 380 2420*2300*1900


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