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Etiketovacie a popisovacie zariadenie s dopravníkom WEPZD1

Automatic Labeling Machine WEPZD1 it is label the bag, pouch, carton , card by sticker label. Automatic Labeling Machine WEPZD1 is suitable for Doypack popuch, Bag ,sachet,Card labeling machine. this machine can seperate the empty bag automatic one by one.

Applicable Label: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive film, electronic supervision code, bar code, etc;

Applicable products: requirements in flat or curved, circular surface, concave, convex, or other surface attached label products;

Industry: Widely used in cosmetics, food, toys, cosmetics, electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries;

Application: Shampoo flat bottle labeling, packaging labeling, bottle caps, plastic shell labeling and so on.


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