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Automatický plniaci stroj WPPS1

How It Works:
The supply side (dark blue) of a two-part nozzle is used to pump product into the container. When the container fills up to the target fill height, the excess product and foam are forced out of the container (red arrows) via the return side to the original product source tank.

This type of filler is best suited for liquids with low to medium viscosity. liquids with solid particulates not exceeding 1/16″ can also be filled. Note that overflow fillers are the machine of choice in handling very foamy products at higher speeds.

Sauces, syrups, light gels and shampoos, foamy cleansers and chemicals, water and other non-carbonated aqueous beverages.

High performance, easy to clean, easy to operate, expandable at low cost. Offers the greatest flexibility at the lowest cost,


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