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Automatický uzatvárací stroj WAUS

It is real ideal equipment for bottle screw capping, also applied to seal aluminum cap, the ft proof cap, screw-thread cap.
Automatic Capping Machine WAUS is new production. It equips positioning plate for interval running, capped by double magnetic moment rotating heads. The machine has practicability in field of pharmaceutical, pesticide, chemical, foodstuff etc.

Automatic Capping Machine WAUS is used to work on medium and high productions, with a speed range that can vary from 30 up to 80 BpM.

These capping machines are extremely flexible and versatile and are able to work any kind of closure, from screw on to snap on cap, from dispenser to trigger pumps and push-pull cap. They are also modular as they can be integrated with different new bottles and caps at a later time.

These cappers are able to work different kind of containers, from the smallest ones, which are typical of cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, to the biggest tanks for oil or detergents.


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