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Mechanická plnička WMP1

This Mechanical Quantitative Stuffer WMP1 is the Gen. 2nd improvement, built with the Japan YASKAWA servo motor as the drive system, the man-machine interface from Taiwan, and the Japan Mitsubishi PLC. It features the advantages of low faults, simple construction and easy maintenance. Meanwhile a precise quantitative function is available with this Stuffer, with a quantitative deviation for minced meat of only ±2g, while the deviation for meat splice is little bit larger. By using it systematically with the dual clipper, you can manage your production activity in full automation.

Názov/Name Mechanická plnička WMP1/Mechanical Quantitative Stuffer WMP1
Model Quantitative Range (g) Stuffing and Kinking Speed (Times/Min.) QuantitativeDeviation (mincedmeat) (g) Hopper Volume (L) Power (KW) Rated Voltage (v) Weight (Kg) Dimensions (mm)
WMP1 6-9999 10-70 ±2 110 2.7 380 205 750*750*1700


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