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Etiketovacie a popisovacie zariadenie s dopravníkom WEPZD5

The overall automation and control the use of PLC control, the servo system, the inverter system, temperature control systems and other needs with comprehensive control of the point.

Automatic Labeling Machine WEPZD5 is designed by for the drinking bottle with Opp label by the melt glue/hot. Automatic Labeling Machine WEPZD5 is the linear type. The speed can raech 30000PCS/Hour for Pure Water Bottles.


  • Overload running safety equipment attached on driving zone
  • Stopper for abnormity operation of in-feed star wheel
  • Overload for bottle fed (sensor check)
  • No bottle no labeling system

It is the most economical models in cost to make mass production. The equipment has massively used modularization design concept to make it easy and simple for users to change the bottles.The linear type mainly labels the round bottles in glass or plastic materials while the rotary type can label not only the round-shaped containers but also the square bottles like liquid detergent container etc.


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